Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who cares about Tiger Woods and his Putter?

Christmas is coming yeah... I love the holidays. I am joyful, loving, caring and hopeful that each year will be greater than the last. Then the tabloids hit and some scandalous escapade hits. Who cares about Tiger Woods and his putter?

Let's face it, infidelity happens. It happens in private citizens that do not make a gazillion dollars a year. It happens to regular people who drive mini vans and worry about how to pay for the gas bill during the reported worst winter in years.

He cheated, she caught him and whipped his ass. Good for her, now leave them alone. If I were those girls, I would be a little afraid that she might putter drive on my head as well. Being a Jersey girl with a temper I can assure you that is exactly what I would do if the hoe's involved kept the public relations campaign going. I'm just sayin'...

What I am feeling is... leave it go, it's his problem.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healthcare 101 for me

Today's watercooler topic is the Mammogram topic. While I have been fortunate to have awesome health coverage in my life, I never once take it for granted. When I decided to take a breather from the Law gig and write for a while, I was perplexed with the insurance questions. I choose a plan that would be affordable, but with a great amount of coverage.

Having a mammogram since the age of 36; I have felt both confident and relieved that I could catch a problem early on if it happened. One of my high school friends was diagnosed with breast cancer and it has made it all too aware for me...

Today's topic has me a bit more than peeved. As my associate writers and I gathered for a social meeting, it was discussed. If you are self employed and have insurance, which is a step better than the BCBS-BlueChip, you were able to get a mammogram because it was mandated that it be covered without the horrible copay of $500.00. Today? Not so much... if this passes and is put into action, how many lives will be lost? Who cares anymore? The insurance companies do not...

It's a sad day. I worked for one of the best insurance companies in our country, ranked the highest in this and that, we didn't cover health, but all other areas, you betcha... After taking my leave I found I had serious rose color glasses on. Insurance is not what it was, and will never be the same again...

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Heading out to Cape Canaveral to see the Launch

Today is a glorious day. The weather is perfect and the day couldn't be brighter. The launch is scheduled for today and I am very excited to go see it. My bestest friend and I are going and he is very excited.

The space program is very precious to us and is very endangered. This president could discontinue it and we would be in a world of hurt. I am quite sure the powers that be have good reasons for the space program. I often think it's a spy unit for us to track nucs and such, but that would be way too silly for even me to think up.

So off to see the Space Center and... drop by I Dream of Jeannie Blvd one more time... Opps can't forget Ron Jon's either...

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Missing in Action

As I gear up for the meeting with the editors, the publisher, the agent, the crew that want to take my book to the final chapter so to speak, I am nervous and I am having all kinds of pangs of "nooooooooo I don't want this book published"

Seems unbelievable, but as romance writer I get too attached sometimes to a story this latest one is almost a mirror image of a love in my life. This story has a different ending than the real story and in a strange turn of events, the real story is starting to mimic the story ending...Scary!

I love my passion of writing that has turned into a paying career. I also love that the travel to nice places without the book signings and the pomp and circumstance.

I am back from a small writers conference and I am heading out to the Romance Writers Conference in NYC. I have purchased more clothes than the 3 suitcase allotment, and now I have to choose what to take.

But at the end of the day with my latest story, it's personal. It's not business it's personal. Wish me luck I can surrender this baby. If not I am on the hook for that hefty advance...

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crazy days... The Phillies won last night..

I am very glad the Phillies are in the World Series again this year. I am not so happy that NY Yankees are playing them. I am not afraid of the Yankees, I am just not interested in watching them.

Last night the game seemed so off sided. The refs calls were odd. Even though the Phillies won, I am not sure I liked the game.

We are decked out in Phillies garb. My goose is dressed for the game, my dogs are dressed and we are clearly dressed.

I am in a mixed emotion right now. I have 2 very very close people to me that are fighting for their lives and I am beyond scared.

The game is little distraction for me.

Hope the games get interesting...

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Charities and the economy

I have had this post in a saved file because I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to say...

Today's economy is a struggle for most families. Many families are faced with jobloss, homeloss, and the thought of Christmas put one of my friends in a near panic attack. My comment of "Christmas isn't for Children" didn't seem to ease her pain.

With all that is going on with the economy, the charities are suffering as well. I tend to pick the charities I believe in, or that serve more than just one single cause. While contributing to Metorpolitan Ministries for Thanksgiving, it made me think of other charities I contribute to.

I love animals so they are always first, they cannot take care of themselves. I wonder if there is a charity for police dogs or working dogs.

It will be quite apparent to my usual gift receivers this year that Christmas is NOT about toys, and how much money I can spend. I have decided that I am going to spend all my Christmas money on one or two charities.

Now to find the charity that I believe in. That will be another post I am sure.

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Tomorrow is the National Holiday ... my birthday..

While many people do not celebrate their birthday's over a certain age, I am not one of them. I feel that every year you can celebrate is a great year in deed. This year isn't a milestone year, however, to me it is... I will be 45 years old tomorrow... Man where did the time go? I thought I was just 35 last week.

Turning 45 has no real emotional tie to it. I am 45 not 44 and for once, I am just about drama free.

I do have writers block on my newest project and that has me bugged. I am allowing someone else to invade my personal mind space and rip the words from my finger tips. Maybe a few drinks of wine or hard liquor would help...haha..

As I celebrate tomorrow, I am hoping that this year of my life will be better and stronger than ever. I will accomplish what I have set out to, I will make the half marathon and then some.

If not, I will look funny getting a new birthday cake every month, just to try it over and over again until it clicks...

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