Sunday, July 20, 2008

Others thinking for you... Or making decisions for you.

This doesn't sound good, someone else is thinking for you? Or someone else is making decisions for you... Do you think this is a good idea? I don't. I think that we tend to all get caught up in the "make someone happy" or "don't rock the boat" or whatever you want is fine with me.

From going out to dinner to what you watch on tv or to where you go on vacation. Have you given up the fight, or decided the fight just wasn't important enough?

I was in a relationship that I didn't assert my needs. I was along for the ride until it became so toxic and nerve splitting I had to say get away from me.

But I recently found myself back in that old trap. Oh I don't care where we go on vacation you sexy thing, I guess as long as we are together we will have a great time. W R O N G. That only happens in the movies.

We went to dinner the other night and he loves Mexican food. Me, not so much. It's not that I don't like it, it DOESN'T like me. I went there and in true fashion, I was sick the next 2 days.

Well... things have to stop.... Ahem if you are reading this, deal with it. If he isn't ... well we might not have to worry about vacation anyway.


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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Been a way, and not sure what to say..

I have been a blogger for a long time and I really enjoyed it until it caused me pain. I love to write and felt that my opinion was something someone wanted to read. All bloggers are closet writers in one way or another. Blogging is a good venue to get that opinion out.

While I like to share my thoughts, I am not sure if anyone other than myself read them. So I am going to change my blog to reflect the life and times of living in this mixed up world. Answering questions and giving my 2 cents where it isn't wanted.

This Jersey Girl is on a roll, and I hope you enjoy the Eticket ride.


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