Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still on the plan... I can breathe...

My breathing has improved greatly. I had my blood pressure taken yesterday and I didn't hold my breath! I am alive. The breathing is also helping with the extra fitness stuff so that is great. Today, I am doing a light work out and then sitting my butt by the pool to drink frozen non-caloric drinks? Impossible I say. I have to have a day off for good behavior. I have been really good, honest!

I am doing a track walk at Clearwater High School today with a few friends. I am not sure if this is before or after drinks (just kidding). We are doing a short walk to see where we are as far as stamina. My coach is insisting that I do not run. I said not a worry mate, I will promise you the only running I will be doing is to the bar. He didn't seem amused.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Marathon process and dieting???

I have been practicing the breathing and I want to tell you, it sucks!!! It sucks the life right out of me. But that's OK, I will keep breathing and next week if I am all breathed right (not a real word) I will be training on the actual how to do a marathon.

On to other news; my quest to live a long and happy life is in process. I tried to do a quick fix with lap band surgery and was told to gain weight so I could have it. Alas I did begin to gain weight, but half way through I chickened out so to speak (much more to this) and I have been lugging around more weight that didn't appeal to me. So... Off with the weight, and get myself in shape.

The Marathon sort of prompted my push to do this in a big way, but not in a way that would cause the said weight to come back. Meaning, give me more motivation for my quest.

On Sunday I did the ole weight-in and the scale was not pretty. However, today, with only breathing and following a modified Carb type menu, (not diet) I have lost 5 FIVE POUNDS. Did you hear that? I lost 5 BAZILLION POUNDS. OK just 5 pounds, but it's a happy 5 pounds. Ladies, you will also want to know that it's a 3 days before the monthly ambush too! So GO me!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy and proud that I made proper choices in my menu, and with Lent to boot... Friday was a hell day, I wanted to just sleep so I didn't have to eat anything and not crave meat.

Today, when I am meat available, I want fish! You would think I am a confused Catholic, right?

So tonight after a nice fish dinner with some tasty Squash and Cauliflower, I will be doing a normal workout on Wii and see how that nets me some pounds off...


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Torture is putting it mildly

Today I practiced breathing and nearly called the Rescue Squad. I believe this breathing is worse than the running. I tried to think of things to blow out, like a birthday candle, a baked flambe, cherries jubilee, but nothing worked.

I was so tired after 20 minutes of breathing, I winged it and did a short run/walk. A mile might go easier if I could breath, but non-the-less I got it in.


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marathon Meeting

I met with the Marathon trainer today. He looked at me twice and said "why are you doing this again"? I said for self satisfaction, why? He said well... you travel a lot, you live on the edge and you are going to do this for some sort of small token of satisfaction. I sat and listened and I politely said, "go eff yourself you self righteous punk"... With that, he said FANTASTIC... I FOUND THE MOTIVATION TRIGGER.

I said keep spouting like that and you will find the S&W trigger right upside your head...

We worked on breathing today. I have a habit of not wanting to breath. When I am at the doctors getting my blood pressure checked, I hold my breath. When I walk steps, I hold my breath. Seriously. It's an issue! So we worked on breathing and not the kind of breathing you do when having a baby.

So if you see me trotting down the street breathing like I have just had 2 packs of Camel cigarettes (I don't smoke) you will know its just my training method...

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yikes it's been a rough one.

Today my brother-in law's Aunt passed away. She was a very nice lady, a real hard worker, a sweet lady with a lot of spunk. When his other Aunt was notified, she stated she would go try and reach their other sister because she hadn't heard from her in a day or so. When the second Aunt went to tell the third Aunt, she was found dead at home.

I feel so bad for my sister's husband. He lost his Mom and Dad several years ago, and his sister this year, now this. Crazy how life goes.

May God bless them at this time.


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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Marathon 2009

At www.tamparaces.com you will find a few great races to participate in. I choose the November 22, 2009 race so I will be well prepared and not be rushed or have an excuse for not running in it.

My desire to run the half marathon came from reading another blog listed on my daily reads called "Life in the Boro". I found that a regular guy with a job and family could do this, this could be a sign that I can do this.

Many years I planned to do the Turkey Trot full out. Previous years I would walk in it or do the political thing and ride in it. In 2004 I had planned to do the full race. I was preparing and in July of that year my sister had a massive heart attack. It scared me to pieces. She was refinishing a chair when it happened.

Well through the years I have done many 5ks and thought well one day I will do the Turkey Trot, but over the last few years I have been in Philly so I couldn't do it long distance. This year, I will be in Philly again, so the X Country Marathon at the Alafia River State Park is my target.

I am starting with a conditioning coach and a trainer for this. Not to be confused with a weight trainer. Training does change your lifestyle, but I have already started that and I have a HUGE support system helping me.

Join me on my journey if you want...


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday is coming too fast

Tomorrow is D day. You know, the day we will dread because we are on the Marathon plan... I am eating the last of the bad stuff and tomorrow I am going to be in store for my training program.

Today was such a wonderful gorgeous day, we (my girls - puppies) played outside and lounged around like we were Sammy the Seal... It was really nice.

I am trying to figure out how I can go to Crabby Bills for dinner and not have guilt for the next 6 months... Hey wait a pizza might do the trick, nope-gotta have crabs... Man I am so screwed for 6 months.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phillies Spring Training game 03-21-09

Today I went to the Phillies v Twins Spring Training game. I was really excited because I love spring training. The Brighthouse Field is one of the nicest places and it's casual.

I am in my element at the Phillies games. Today, I was sandwiched between Jerseyites and Philly Phreaks... It was great. No one thought I said Water funny, no one thought my desire to go to the shore for the summer was strange or unusual. They all actually loved New Jersey and the interesting parts thereof.

I hope the picture came out, I think its the one with Chase Utley's butt..

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So it's official I am doing a Marathon... a half one first

I have wanted to do the Turkey Trot Full Blown Run for many years. Something always came up, my sister had a heart attack (my skinny sister, rather only sister)... then, you know, the preparing of the meal thing, and then, well, you can't run in Clearwater when you are in Philadelphia... Which is something I wouldn't trade for anything in this world. So, with this new health kick thing, and life style change, (which I will write about later) I have committed to do the half marathon. Mind you I have conditions, one being it's run in Alaska, because I hate to sweat, and the second, well the second is a car is standing by with oxygen, water and Krispy Kreme donuts, (for the fuel purposes).

After today's game (see previous post) I will meet with the Marathon Nazi and we will plan our attack. He is really not a Marathon Nazi, but for all intensive purposes; HE IS....


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Spring Training Baseball Game today!!! Woot!

In about an hour or so I will head out for the Phillies spring training game at Brighthouse Fields. They are playing the Twins today. I love the stadium and I hear that Mr. Utley may be playing today, so I am double excited!! although the Flyin' Hawaiian is my favorite player, right behind him is Jamie Moyer.

I promise to take pictures to post, but I cannot guarantee they won't all be butt shots.!!! (I am a girl after all)


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Friday, March 20, 2009

My delays are getting too long.

I love to blog, I use to live for writing. I loved expressing my opinions and couldn't wait to share with everyone my thoughts. But I often wondered and still wonder, does anyone care... Well I am here to say, I need to vent so back to writing for me.

Happier times ahead I promise, that is if anyone still reads me.

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