Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waah waah society, say it and then take it back...

Tonight as I was minding my own business viewing twitter, (first mistake) I read from this post a guy who has a habit of shooting his mouth off insulting women, then crying foul. He really didn't mean to say or wear things that are degrading to women.

Then he comes back with the "I have women friends"... I would never do that.

Tonight's topic, more Germain to my anger is his flagrant comment... @karlerikson RT If I have to hear much more of this music, I may put diamond chips on my grillz and then cap a cop.

Oh yeah, and the return comment after I told him he was scum.... typical ... Um, that was a joke. Just so you know. Rap music? Detest it.

Risk your life once asshole and not by jacking off. I usually just read and keep my mouth shut, but being former LEO and having several close family members in Law Enforcement, I don't think it's funny.

In Tampa last night, a deputy was shot in the neck. So very lucky to be alive. Everyday man or woman in law enforcement puts on the uniform, it's not only a challenge to do their job, but a realization of "this could be the day"...

Piece of shit people that degrade police officers with jokes and humor are low life. Then, once they realize they have said something they back track and make psychosis claims. Get a friggen grip.

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