Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crazy days... The Phillies won last night..

I am very glad the Phillies are in the World Series again this year. I am not so happy that NY Yankees are playing them. I am not afraid of the Yankees, I am just not interested in watching them.

Last night the game seemed so off sided. The refs calls were odd. Even though the Phillies won, I am not sure I liked the game.

We are decked out in Phillies garb. My goose is dressed for the game, my dogs are dressed and we are clearly dressed.

I am in a mixed emotion right now. I have 2 very very close people to me that are fighting for their lives and I am beyond scared.

The game is little distraction for me.

Hope the games get interesting...

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Charities and the economy

I have had this post in a saved file because I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to say...

Today's economy is a struggle for most families. Many families are faced with jobloss, homeloss, and the thought of Christmas put one of my friends in a near panic attack. My comment of "Christmas isn't for Children" didn't seem to ease her pain.

With all that is going on with the economy, the charities are suffering as well. I tend to pick the charities I believe in, or that serve more than just one single cause. While contributing to Metorpolitan Ministries for Thanksgiving, it made me think of other charities I contribute to.

I love animals so they are always first, they cannot take care of themselves. I wonder if there is a charity for police dogs or working dogs.

It will be quite apparent to my usual gift receivers this year that Christmas is NOT about toys, and how much money I can spend. I have decided that I am going to spend all my Christmas money on one or two charities.

Now to find the charity that I believe in. That will be another post I am sure.

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Tomorrow is the National Holiday ... my birthday..

While many people do not celebrate their birthday's over a certain age, I am not one of them. I feel that every year you can celebrate is a great year in deed. This year isn't a milestone year, however, to me it is... I will be 45 years old tomorrow... Man where did the time go? I thought I was just 35 last week.

Turning 45 has no real emotional tie to it. I am 45 not 44 and for once, I am just about drama free.

I do have writers block on my newest project and that has me bugged. I am allowing someone else to invade my personal mind space and rip the words from my finger tips. Maybe a few drinks of wine or hard liquor would help...haha..

As I celebrate tomorrow, I am hoping that this year of my life will be better and stronger than ever. I will accomplish what I have set out to, I will make the half marathon and then some.

If not, I will look funny getting a new birthday cake every month, just to try it over and over again until it clicks...

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waah waah society, say it and then take it back...

Tonight as I was minding my own business viewing twitter, (first mistake) I read from this post a guy who has a habit of shooting his mouth off insulting women, then crying foul. He really didn't mean to say or wear things that are degrading to women.

Then he comes back with the "I have women friends"... I would never do that.

Tonight's topic, more Germain to my anger is his flagrant comment... @karlerikson RT If I have to hear much more of this music, I may put diamond chips on my grillz and then cap a cop.

Oh yeah, and the return comment after I told him he was scum.... typical ... Um, that was a joke. Just so you know. Rap music? Detest it.

Risk your life once asshole and not by jacking off. I usually just read and keep my mouth shut, but being former LEO and having several close family members in Law Enforcement, I don't think it's funny.

In Tampa last night, a deputy was shot in the neck. So very lucky to be alive. Everyday man or woman in law enforcement puts on the uniform, it's not only a challenge to do their job, but a realization of "this could be the day"...

Piece of shit people that degrade police officers with jokes and humor are low life. Then, once they realize they have said something they back track and make psychosis claims. Get a friggen grip.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Old Car is guilting me.

I bought a new vehicle yesterday. I didn't trade in my 2006 SUV because I am going to sell it outright. The deal with it wasn't wonderful, so I called a friend and they ran the numbers and I am selling it for cash this week. But back to the guilt.

I bought a new SUV and last night I put the new one in the garage because I have a 2 car garage and there is another car in there sleeping, so only room for one more.

This morning I went outside to move my old car around and the guilt I felt. I kept thinking; Piggy (that's her name) should be in the garage, she doesn't like to be outside. As I fought the guilt, I somewhat gave in and decided to drive Piggy until I sell her. I can't bare to look at her with those sad eyes saying why are you leaving me here? (Before you call the funny farm people, car's do have expressions and I am trying to free myself of guilt on many levels)...

My new SUV, her name is going to be Pearl. She is suppose to be GREAT on gas mileage. Her safety rating is very high and she has 6 air bags, 2 even are head bags I think.

I will write more about Pearl once Piggy is relocated. So back to the guilt... I am hoping she will forgive me and understand I had to go foreign, they are the only cars that aren't closing shop...

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The half marathonish update.

I have been slowly trying to build myself back up to maybe squeak by and do the half marathon. My doctor says no, but if I pace myself, I think just maybe I can do it. I was doing 5k with ease, so I thought to myself, I can just add to it. And I did, I was at 8 miles and the foot wasn't doing to bad. On mile 9.2 I went lame. So, back to slowly bringing it back up and now I am at 2 miles and counting.

So I have added in rollerskating, not rollerblading because I have an adversion to change something so historic. I refuse to give up my quads. It's been a good workout and the feet seem to like it.

Maybe I can do a marathon on wheels??? hmm...

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