Friday, November 13, 2009

Missing in Action

As I gear up for the meeting with the editors, the publisher, the agent, the crew that want to take my book to the final chapter so to speak, I am nervous and I am having all kinds of pangs of "nooooooooo I don't want this book published"

Seems unbelievable, but as romance writer I get too attached sometimes to a story this latest one is almost a mirror image of a love in my life. This story has a different ending than the real story and in a strange turn of events, the real story is starting to mimic the story ending...Scary!

I love my passion of writing that has turned into a paying career. I also love that the travel to nice places without the book signings and the pomp and circumstance.

I am back from a small writers conference and I am heading out to the Romance Writers Conference in NYC. I have purchased more clothes than the 3 suitcase allotment, and now I have to choose what to take.

But at the end of the day with my latest story, it's personal. It's not business it's personal. Wish me luck I can surrender this baby. If not I am on the hook for that hefty advance...

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