Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer is coming to an end

As summer is slowly finding it's way to the end; I am somewhat sad, but somewhat hopeful that Fall will be amazing. I make no secret that I do not like the heat in Florida, that is why I love to spend it elsewhere. However, the weather everywhere else is not cool either. But the humidity isn't as bad I keep saying... This week had me on an adventure to buy a new Motor home. I nearly died from the heat. It was so awful, it made me physically ill. So ill that I couldn't write, and I need to finish my latest plot.

So as I am finishing up my latest plot I look forward to sending it off for review. Writing has been a great release and wonderful outlet for creative expressions. My Mother encouraged me to write and loved that I would put pen to paper and draft a mystery or two for her. My dream would be to her favorite piece published. I have never submitted it or even let anyone else see it. I might this weekend put it in the old typewriter and take a stab at it. Clean it up for good measure and see what happens.

That brings us to the summer coming to an end. I made a vow that I would go back to real life after the summer and the writing wouldn't be full time. Not sure I am ready for that, but a vow is a vow...

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All about writing

Over the last few days a new plot came to mind. I found myself mixing fact and fantasy. No No No that can't be good. I need all fantasy, no fact. Fact brings lawsuits... Fact means I need a release... wait what if they are dead and they are not likely to come back???

So to the fantasy that is fact sort of based? Is that do-able? I think it is. I am the only living soul that would beg to differ. Unless... no he wouldn't dare, I would kick his buttocks.

Whew now that THAT is settled. I am now stressing about illustrators. You see, I would rather not use one. I would rather a simple but feisty picture to capture what this story is about. Heck throw in a couple of CheeseSteaks, Soft Pretzels and Italian Water Ice and that's what it's all about!!! Either that or I just sang part of the hokey pokey...

Now I am off to create this story that is dancing in my mind and playing with my emotions and making feel all first date stuff. Will he like me, will he kiss me, will be put out, wait that was out loud right? OK, will he play special music? or better yet, will he not have to bring his Mother/Ex-wife/current wife? As you can tell I am not really single but those are the thoughts that cross my mind if I were. Although not married currently, and I say currently because Big OLE HeMan is talking about marriage almost every other day. (I mark it down now because I find it interesting). I would get married but not this year, I am too busy and frankly I have books to publish, hello??? And I have a radio talk show to appear on, and I have to get my earrings fixed.

But next year I could be all about it. Unless I get kidnapped, and whisked away like my first marriage. I like to number them, so I don't get confused... Only one thus far thank you!

Off to write... don't look for me getting any super duper award this year. Remember, I am too busy, I have books to publish, a radio talk show to appear on, and I have to get my earrings fixed. Rinse. Lather. and Repeat.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Food...

Do you have a favorite place for favorite food? Did you live in an area that was famous for something, then you moved away and crave it?

I was born in Atlantic City and it is famous for Crime, (haha) and Salt Water Taffy, Taylor Pork Roll, Crab Imperial and diners. However, my family is all from Philly and you know what Philly is known for... Cheese Steaks, Arm Pit Pretzels, Scrapple, Amarosa Rolls, Birch Beer, Hoagies, Tasty Cakes, Bryers Ice Cream, Goldberg's Peanut Chews, and Pork Sandwiches.

Well, my trips are based around my tastebuds. This last trip was a dozy. I didn't get my Chickies & Petes Lobster Cheesesteak, but I was able to scarf up the rest of the goodies in Philly... My Aunt laughs at me for my obsession for amazing rolls.

On the plane back I brought 2 Italian Hoagies and 4 rolls from this awesome place I frequented several times during my long trip. It took me 3 days to eat my one hoagie, it took the manperson only one sitting because he was starving and was drooling over the idea of getting it. When he picked me up at the airport, the first thing he asked is where are the hoagies...

As I prepare to go back to the Northeast, Tony Lukes will be first, and then... I am going to my favorite haunts at the shore. I am quite sure I will need to stock up because Hawaii will not have this type of food...

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Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Friday!!!

This weekend is going to be productive or bust~!~ I am determined to finish the 8 things on my To Do list even if it kills me.

Tomorrow I am doing a 5k walk with a friend of mine and hopefully my foot will feel fine and I can push it a little further. After the great walk with my friend, I am heading straight back to house number 1 to clean out 2 closets. On Sunday I am heading to house number 2 to clean out storage area and hopefully reduce the clutter.

Today is going to be a good day because I am putting off everything until TOMORROW... Happy Friday!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting back in the groove...

This summer has been a long relaxing fun filled time. I had the opportunity to travel, write and get paid for it. My steamy little smut filled book was a big hit and the next 5 should go rather smoothly. The locations I visited were quite the inspiration. Not to mention the hot men that surrounded my locale.

Today I spent the whole day getting my notes in order and my outlines ready. I purchased new office supplies just like a back to schooler and I am even thinking of buying a new desk.

With the economy the way it is, the summer was a pure delight and I was truly fortunate to have the great times...

But back in the groove also includes workouts. Did I mention they are not my favorite thing? I can give up a lot of things, and I can add a few, but the work out is kicking me all over. I have to be ready for Hawaii... NEXT month.

Next month we will travel to Hawaii for business (cough). A few of my writing wenches will be meeting up with the agent/publisher and we will have many long days of work...(b.s.) I already told them if I am missing for more than 1 hour, you can find me at the hookilau with Don Ho's son...

So back in the groove and back in the saddle... One more trip to the Shore and then I am off to Hawaii.

I suddenly feel the urge to go buy school clothes...

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Semi back from world wind vacay in Philly

To say I am exhausted is an understatement. From seeing Billy Joel and Elton John, to camping in the Pocono Mountains and seeing bears, deers, skunks, goats, turkeys, and all other living things, to a trip to AC just to throw a few bucks to their economy, I am just tired.

The concert needs no explanation. But the camping trip does.

Our camping trip was an annual family reunion. I think it's the 36th year. We saw a Mom bear and her two cubs while doing our walk, then that same night, we had a visitor in our campsite. He was 450 pounds the ranger said. He came into our kitchen area. We are smart campers, no food was out and all the dishes were cleaned to a shine. He toppled over the empty garbage can and sniffed around, and left unsatisfied. While he was doing his examination, we were peeing our pants.

The next night brought out the skunks and deer. It was the same situation, but we all survived. Next year I am in a camper, I tell you now, no more tent camping for me!!!!!!!!!

It was a great time, and in two weeks I will complete my last leg of vacay. I need sleep.. please send me sleep!

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