Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Carbing on a CRUISE???

On Saturday I leave for a cruise. The good news is I am now not going to Mexico, alas no flu for you... However, if we don't get an alternate port I will either be doing one of the following;

1. Working out extra time
2. Eating extra amounts because I am on the ship
3. Sleeping extra time and ordering room service

My guess is we better get an alternate port or I am screwed! Who goes on a cruise and doesn't eat carbs?????????

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still on track with this working out..

I am still doing the no to low carb thing and I feel better physically. Mentally? Please give me a big ole honking loaf of bread please and call it a day!

But I am still on track with the working out and the marathon. My doctor however doesn't feel the marathon is a wise decision. She feels that staying with the 5ks is healthy enough. I think she is afraid to push me. Regardless, I am going to the track next week with my pudgy friends and we are doing some work outs...

Wednesday I should be doing 8 miles !!!!


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working out at the Cheesecake Factory??

Today after a shopping trip from hell for the upcoming cruise, I decided the food court had nothing worth the beans for. So I headed to the Cheesecake Factory. Did you know they have low carb cheesecake? For real, it's 8 carbs. If you split it with someone, that's only 4 carbs. Did you also know that EVERYTHING else on the menu is basically NOT carb friendly???? Bad time of the year for me I think. Every other day I feel like I am hit by a truck with this pollen, and the opposite days I think that my soul has been sold to Gypsy's...

So tomorrow I am working out with the breathing guy and the running guy... Wish me luck that the cheesecake factory hasn't done me in...

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Oldies Concert - Johnny Maestro and Larry Chance

Last night I went to the Van Wezel to see Larry Chance and the Earls. However, the headliner was Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge. Also with them were the Shangri-Las. The Shangri-La's opened the show. Normally I am not a music critic. I like what I like, and I enjoy all types of music. However, this was not my favorite concert by any imagination.

The Shangri-Las were billed as the "originals" and I have to tell you, my shoes were older than this group that formed in the 60's. They did not sound good either.

Larry Chance is Larry Chance, and I just love him. He is a cancer survivor and really a great guy. I love him whether or not he is singing. But he put on a great show.

Johnny Maestro- 16 Candles is probably the best known song, although he has many, was good. The sound was not good. He can't hit the high notes as well, but he sounds good.

The venue was different. Nice and intimate. Not sure I would go again to see music there. The sound was horrible.

I think I better stick to my Jersey Boys. I think I have finally outgrown the doo-wop music.


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Saturday, April 18, 2009

My knickers are in a twisted bunch...

I am not sure how to post links to newspaper articles, because if I did, I would include the one that has my knickers in a bunch. Today in the St Pete Times a Zephyrhills woman is demanding an apology from the Mayor for an incident at a Publix Grand Opening.

The back story is this, they (Publix Cult) were giving away the green Publix bags to customers for the opening. One per customer. Mrs. Rude Citizen is told there aren't any left and she spots Mr. Mayor, he had two in his hand when Mrs. Rude Citizen interupts his conversation and asks for one of is bags and he won't give it to her. GOOD FOR HIM. Mrs. Rude Citizen goes home and wah wah wah's to her husband who is a contractor for the City and he spouts off an email to the Mayor demanding an apology. (Hope he is ready for early retirement)... Anyway, Mr. Mayor writes personally back he is not apologizing and the second bag was a gift from the store manager to his wife.

Ok, I am not of popular opinion and I know I will get old soon. HOWEVER, I am sick to death of the Elderly or semi-old thinking they are entitled to EVERYTHING because they are OLD. Or because they want it. I am seriously not a fan of older people. I do not want to volunteer to work with them, I feel they have an entitlement fever and should be glad to be breathing. If I am sitting and an elderly person walks up, I immediately get up for the woman or the man if he is having issues, but when they EXPECT it, seriously? NOT.

The older generation talks about how the younger people are today, and I have witnessed first hand how the "older" people treat the young ones, as if they are nothing or nobody, and to me that is unacceptable.

So right on Mayor of Zephryhills or Suffering Hills however you prefer it. I think its high time the old folks come down a peg.


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to working out and counting NO carbs

Today I started back hard core after my trip to Philly for Easter. I have to admit this was not a great trip for me, and suddenly the thought of spending the summer at the shore so close to Philly has me a little uneasy. I will survive, but I am still thinking I am making a bad mistake.

So to the carbs. Today I joined a group of Carb watchers if you will and we have been trading recipes all day. I say all day, that means between the laundry and the few letters and phone calls that came in.

I am going to post an awesome recipe I received and if it tastes as good as I think,I will share a picture too!

Happy Thursday!


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whew that was a long trip...

Back from visiting family for Easter. I could write a lot about the trip and tell you all the favorite things I did or the not so favorite things, but I think I will just move past it and say glad to be home. Back to the heat of Florida and away from the cool rain of Philly.

One thing that cannot compare with anywhere is my bed. Love love love my bed... But I did walk a lot while I was gone and tried to do some work outs.

Glad to be home, and now back to the journey.


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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Ode to my Mom...

My Mother use to say, don't ever ask Kym what she is thinking unless you are prepared to listen. Or another great one is, you never have to ask her, she will just tell you... Or my personal favorite, it's never dull with her around.

Yeah yeah yeah... I am a regular joke a minute. I like to laugh and to make people laugh. I find humor is the best medicine. When I was suffering from Corporate Ulcer Syndrome, I found I had no chuckle left in me. I knew I was sick and needed help. My Mom wasn't around for me to practice my schtick on, or to even laugh or yuck it up with. Not many get my sense of humor and to say it's an acquired taste is putting it mildly. I don't go for racial or ethnic things, but I am quite the weirdo about humor.

So today being full of piss and vinegar (and not apple cider vinegar) I decided to yuck it up on my dog walk. I was enjoying the windy breeze as Riley and Ruby decided I needed to be walked... As I got down my lonesome street, I ran into a couple of other dog walkers. I had no idea there were "professional" dog walkers. My girls have gone to doggy daycare and I have had a sitter in to take care of them, but I never knew you could have a daily walker. Well, when they spotted me they asked are you a dog walker? I said Yep, full blown doing it for the money, walking the starch right out of them... They were puzzled and dismayed and said, well are you new here? I said nope, been here about 11 years. They were a little disjointed by my presence, I could tell these were the "girls" of the block and they didn't take kindly to new dog walkers, so I decided to have some fun... the silly me said, I am just tracking this route so I can spread my business cards...

By the time I got home, my two neighbors down the street were at my driveway asking me what was going on. I seem to have hit a sore spot with the dog walkers... Well I promptly came in, sat at my computer and make a few business cards, and some flyer's... This made me laugh for 2 hours... I might or might now circulate them, but it sure was good for my soul...


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Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm contagious in a non-germ way

My working out and watching my diet is contagious. I have started a cult I think. My ex-husband asked me to help him with the carb thing. He is a national speed skater and really hasn't shown an interest in my life changes. He started copying me. At lunch last week, he ordered the same thing I had. (the dieters plate) Now, he is reading labels on food and calling and reporting to me. He isn't the only one...

I have a friend who gave me the info on a low carb store in Largo/Seminole area that delivers if need be. So I started putting a list of food items together so I can go and pick them up, and another friend wants me to get stuff for her.

Now, I am getting emails daily from several friends following me and asking me about menu selections. I am a Low Carb Chick. I have a small following. Next weekend (the 18th) we are doing a little GEOCache activity and then I am hosting a Wii party. Imagine losing weight at a party??? Seriously. I have a host of low/to no carb appetizers and tasty drinks. They even have low carb beer... hello... not my thing, but I could seriously love a low carb daiquiri. Not happening, but my little cult party may be a hit... I will keep you posted.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm not sure but I think I am going to hell

I am not sure about this, but I think having a crush on a Priest is grounds for going to Hell. This morning I drug myself to Church for early Mass. I was not as peppy in my step as last week. I checked the Priest Schedules and my favorite Priest was not scheduled for early Mass. I stammered and thought of reasons I would stay home from Palm Sunday Mass. But instead, I got ready and went to Church. As I was sitting in my pew (not my stink, I showered thank you) I heard Head Priest tell head music guy, it was Father OMGosh saying mass today. I thought to myself, he is mistaken, it's not him. Next thing I hear is Father OMGosh's powerful delightful charming voice. I can't see him, I can only hear him. I am quite certain God is playing a trick on me. Next thing you know, there he is... ahhhh I am so happy. I am smiling, and hopeful with anticipation of his delivery of Mass.

It was just as I thought, delightful... SHAME ON YOU, YOU RELIGIOUS HUSSY!!!!!! As Mass ended and the Priest left the building, I headed out to shake the powerful, delightful charming Father OMGosh's hand, however, he was gone... NOT THERE???? He made a bee line for his car and was leaving... What is going on????

Needless to say, I will be at Mass tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. asking him...

If you need me, I will be on a short journey to Hell for crushing on the slightly older, salt n peppered, powerful, delightful, charming Priest...


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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am all better now... haha

No cravings for soda (Coke Cola) today. I am getting ready for my workout and then shopping. I am going on a cruise in 29 days, I am really looking forward to it. It will be before I head out for the summer to the Jersey Shore. At least that is my plan. I am being told that my plans to take flight to the shore is not very mature of me. To be a beach bum of sorts for a whole summer isn't very adult like. HELLO. I think it's very adult like. As a matter of fact, I think a lot of adults would like to do this just once in their life, as I am going to do, just once in my life...

Some have asked if I have a bucket list of sorts, I don't, but I do want to live my life to the best of my ability and enjoy each and everyday with a smile on my face. I smiled a lot last night while discussing issues with my dog. My dog thinks living at the shore is not so cool. She is afraid of water and thinks I am going to make her swim. I haven't told her that the water is about 64 degrees when I get there, and I wouldn't dare dream of her doing that.

Off to workout and sweat to the hippest music going... Today I might do a throw back to the doowop days.. not sure yet...

Have a great Saturday.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Friday and I am a failure...

Today has been a rotten day. I got on the scale and for all my hard work and energy I have gained 2 pounds. Did you read that???? 2 BAZILLION MILLION pounds. I threw caution to the wind and I went out to dinner tonight and I had ... a Coke Cola. Yes I did. I then had lobster, (which is really OK on my plan) and Shrimp. Did I forget to mention that I also might have had a little (A LOT) pasta. Seriously.

I feel ashamed and am personally disappointed in myself. I have 100 reasons why I did it. One being I had a headache that wouldn't quit, after several dozen Tylenol, I needed a Coke Cola. The pasta was just there, not really any intention of eating it.

Tomorrow I will be working out at 7 am with the rest of the healthy nuts and remembering how luscious my Coke Cola tasted.

Lypo anyone?? Please? Anyone???

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah work out - BLAH

As I am trying my best to stay positive, I am not seeing positive results right now. I am a little discouraged. I will still do the 5k I signed up for this weekend, did I mention that???

Right now I feel like eating a HUGE bowl of ice cream (and I don't even really like ice cream) and I want to sit on my couch and just cry.

I will just pull up my big girl pants and dust off my running shoes and try for tomorrow. If not, you can catch me at Crabby Bills drowning my sorrows in Stone Crab and ALCOHOL.

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